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Your pet is an important member of your family! Treat them right with a trip to the JBLM Veterinary Treatment Facility.


Hours of Operation

Location & Phone

Veterinary Clinic

Mon. - Thurs.. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Fri. 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Bldg. 768, off Warehouse Road
JBLM McChord Field
Call for Appointment: 253-982-3951

All procedures are by appointment only. We have specific policies regarding child and pet safety. Please ask us to explain when you make your appointment.

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Please contact us if you have an emergency and we can let you know if we have availability. If not we will refer you to Summit Veterinary Referral Center, located at 2505 S. 80th Street. Tacoma, Wa 98409
Other Emergency Clinics: the Puget Sound Animal Emergency Clinic, 5608 South Durango Street, Tacoma, WA 98409 at 253-474-0791, www.theaec.com, or Olympia Pet Emergency, 3011 Pacific Avenue SE, Olympia, WA 98501 at 360-455-5155, olympiapetemergency.com

Lost Pets

If your pet is lost at McChord Field or Lewis Main, it may have been transported to the Pierce County Humane Society. If lost at McChord AFB Field, it is the owners’ responsibility to call Security Forces at 253-982-5624 or 253-982-5625. If lost at Lewis Main, it is the owners’ responsibility to call the Military Police at 253-967-3107 or 253-967-3108.

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Dental Services

Dental Exams are offered Monday through Friday. We only do dental procedures Monday through Wednesday. Please call 253-982-3951 to schedule an appointment.

Spay/Neuter Services

Animals can be spayed/neutered as early as 4-6 months old. Please call the Veterinary Treatment Facility for details 253-982-3951.

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Pet Registration

Pets must be registered with the base Veterinary Treatment Facility within 10 calendar days of occupancy of government quarters or when a housing occupant acquires a new pet.

To register your animal, bring a copy of a current rabies certificate, signed by a licensed veterinarian and a copy of their microchip information. All pets residing in on-base housing must be microchipped at time of registration.

If your pet has not been microchipped, the Veterinary Treatment Facility can microchip your pet for a nominal fee. Contact the Veterinary Treatment Facility at 253-982-3951 for an appointment. Registration is automatic if we provide the rabies vaccination to your pet. Registration is free of charge.

Services and Fees

Note: There is a congressionally mandated $2 user fee for all transactions.In addition, all patients seen at the Veterinary Treatment Facility will incur a wellness exam fee per patient per visit.

This cost is $25 for exam performed and is in addition to other services provided. Please contact the Veterinary Treatment Facility for pricing information 253-982-3951/3952. There is a price list available for take home with the receptionists.

Routine Services

Blood work, Feline Leukemia test, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus test, Canine Heartworm test, Microchip insertion. We offer a wide variety of products from flea control to shampoos to heartworm preventative.

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Travel Information

Pet Health Certificates are required for interstate or international travel. Please bring a fecal sample from your pet to your appointment.

If your pet is traveling by car to another state, you need a health certificate within 30 days of travel.

If your pet is traveling by plane to another state, most airlines require a health certificate within 10 days of travel.

Travel to another country

If your pet is traveling by plane to another country, contact our staff to find out the entry requirements. Let us know as soon as possible if you are scheduled to travel or PCS overseas. Some countries require several months’ preparation in order to ensure your pet can enter that country with the least amount of restrictions.


Dog Park Lewis Dog Park McChord

The Lewis Dog Park

is located at Lewis Main just inside the DuPont Gate, south of the Auto Crafts Center and right by the freeway. Travel south on West Way, turn left onto West Washington St..

McChord Field Dog Park

features a grassy off-leash dog park with benches located at Perimater Road and Lincoln Blvd. Dog owners also enjoy walking their leashed dogs to or from Holiday Park along the wide, paved jogging path.


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Veterinary Clinic
Immunizations, Dental, Spay/Neuter

Veterinary Clinic

Call for Appointment: 253-982-3951