Better Opportunities for Single Service Members is a program that supports the overall quality of single service members’ lives. BOSS identifies well-being issues and concerns by recommending improvements through the chain-of-command. BOSS encourages and assists single service members in identifying and planning for recreational and leisure activities. Additionally, it gives single service members the opportunity to participate in and contribute to their respective communities.

The BOSS program originated in 1989 (as Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers) to respond to the recreational needs of single soldiers aged 18-25 who make up 35% of the Army. As the program was implemented throughout the Army, it became evident that quality of life was the primary concern to single soldiers. In 1991, the Chief of Staff of the Army officially expanded BOSS to include all aspects of soldiers’ lives. Some BOSS members then began to express an interest in participating in community service projects which was added as a component of the program. In 2010, Fort Lewis and McChord Field merged to become Joint Base Lewis-McChord. An aspect of this merger was to encourage airmen to participate in the BOSS program, and thus BOSS was rechristened as Better Opportunities for Single Service Members.

BOSS holds a mandatory Installation meeting every first Tuesday of every month at Nelson Rec Center at 1 p.m. These meetings serve as a forum for the Unit, Squadron, Battalion and Brigade BOSS Reps to voice the opinion of their service members, obtain valuable information on upcoming events, and receive multiple handouts such as event flyers, calendars, and magazines.

The BOSS executive team is made up of four individuals from various backgrounds all contributing different ideas and social experiences. The JBLM BOSS Team consists of the executive team over seen by the MWR Sergeant Major, the MWR Advisor, the Joint Base Sergeant Major, and the Joint Base Senior Enlisted Advisor.
Each unit should be assigned a BOSS Rep to represent the voice of their service members. The Unit BOSS Rep is responsible for ensuring their service members are well informed about upcoming events and quality of life issues.

BOSS Bottom Line: Service members helping service members get away from the military mind set, let loose, and have a great time in and around the Washington area!


BOSS holds a mandatory Installation meeting every first Tuesday of the Month at Nelson Rec Center at 1 p.m.


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