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Mon. - Fr. i 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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9059 Gardner Loop, JBLM Lewis Main 98433
SFAC 253-966-8433
Director 253-966-8434
DSN 347-8433
FAX 253-966-4275
Billeting 253-966-4636

Support for personnel assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB), at a location proximate and convenient for WTs and their Families.

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The Joint Base Lewis-McChord SFAC

provides a warm, relaxed environment where
Warriors in Transition (WT) and their Families can gather to foster physical, spiritual, and mental healing.  The SFAC partners with the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)to serve as a one-stop shop for services.  We were created to meet the unique needs of WTs and their Families as they heal and prepare for transition back to their military career or into the civilian workforce.  The facility itself includes a central reception area and a lounge with an internet café, multiple XBOX 360 gaming systems, television, library and children's play area.

The SFAC Information and Referral provides reception and in/out-processing Services, conducts initial Warrior in Transition (WT) interviews to provide information on available services and make appropriate referrals within the center and to external agencies.  Many tailored services offered within the SFAC maximize the convenience for the WTs and their Families.  Other services requiring less than a full-time presence are brought in at designated times.  Additional services provide "high-priority", off-site appointments coordinated by the SFAC Information, Referral, and Follow-up Coordinator.

Army Career & Alumni Program (ACAP)

(253) 968-6861 / 966-3745
ACAP’s first step is the mandatory Pre-Separation benefits briefing and counseling.  Employment assistance services begin with a workshop designed to give our Warriors the basic knowledge and skills to plan and execute a successful job search.  One-on-one assistance from the ACAP counselors helps Warriors assess preferences, skills, experience, education, and training.

ACAP counselorsoffer assistance in new career objectives, researching the job market, writing effective resumes and cover letters, job applications, and successful interviewing techniques and practice.  ACAP offers:  a computer lab, job fairs, job research libraries, job listings, and automated tools.  ACAP also offers various seminars to include, Federal and State Application, Resume Writing, Small Business Administration, DTAP, WDVA State Benefits, and Interviewing.  Remember, Warriors going through MEB/PEB must also complete TAP, DTAP and the VA benefits briefing.


CYSS education

Child, Youth & School Services

Parent Central (253) 966-2977
Child Care or Wounded Warrior and Warriors in Transition.  Reduced Child Care fees, Pre-registration, Coordination, Respite Care and Family Activities. 

Click the link and "Start A New Pre-Registration". For more information visit CYSS.

Educational Services

Professional Educational advisors provide a full range of Adult and Continuing Education options.  Counselors can help design individual education programs.  They also assist with Tuition Assistance for Active Duty Army and Scholarship options for Soldiers and Family members.  Stop by and see what options are available.

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Financial Readiness

Financial Readiness offers financial assistance and education to Soldiers and their Family members.  The Financial Advisor will: Review credit reports and assist with cleaning up information on the reports. Assist with developing Spending Plans and determine the best ways to use available funds. Assist with debt reduction planning by prioritizing bills. Assist with Emergency Relief (AER) program. Once the credit issues have been reviewed, money has become more manageable, and debt reduction plans put in place, the Soldier and Family learn other ways to save and invest for future goals.  This is accomplished through education– classes are taught on Money Management, Checking Account Maintenance, Home Buying, Retirement Planning & Investing, just to name a few.  AER program provides emergency interest free loans and grants to Soldiers and Family members.  AER helps with emergency financial needs for items such as food, rent, utilities, transportation, vehicle repair, funeral expenses, and medical & dental expenses.

Information & Referral

The Information Referral and Follow-up Coordinators work individually with each Soldier or Family member to determine which services they need. 

They provide a personal session to each Soldier or Family member to assist them with all available services both on and off Joint Base Lewis-McChord. 

They schedule appointments within the SFAC and arrange appointments/priority services outside the SFAC, such as SJA, ID cards and others. 

The Information Referral and Follow-Up Coordinators locate necessary services not provided in the SFAC and offer that information to the Wounded Warrior.

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MEB Outreach Counsel

(253) 968-5346/5347
The MEB Outreach Counsel & WTU Legal Assistance Office provides MEB legal counseling and specialized legal assistance services for soldiers going through the MEB process and/or assigned to the WTB.  We form a confidential attorney-client relationship with our clients.  We can help you with requests for independent medical reviews, MEB appeals, making your decision on whether to request a formal PEB, estate planning, family law, and many other areas of law – please stop by, call or email our office today to see how we can help.   Email us at We are open 0900- 1600 hours Monday through Friday.  We are currently located at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord building R-9901, click here to get map and directions to our location.  All MEB Outreach Counsel legal services are available on a walk-in basis.

Military Personnel Services

(253) 966-3754/2564
The Human Resources Specialists assist Soldiers with updating their Military Personnel Files (MPFs) DD Form 93 and SGLI. 

They also assist Soldiers with all personnel services actions to include DA Form 1506, Statements of Service, Married Army Couples Program Requests, Dual Military Couples, and Naturalizations.  Help is given Soldiers in locating orders, awards, or other personnel documents from previous commands. 

Specialists also offer guidance and education on regulatory requirements for a myriad of HR/AG functions, as well as coordination with all Joint Base Lewis-McChord personnel agencies from in-processing to transition assistance.

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Outreach Services

(253) 966-8436
Links a variety of military and civilian support services with Soldier and Family Assistance Center.  Surveys and identifies the service needs of Wounded Soldiers and Family members.  Identifies and plans specific means of addressing target population requirements in various functional areas.

Coordinates and implements a program of comprehensive outreach initiatives designed to facilitate the delivery of existing services and to develop new services based on results of needs assessment activity.

Social Service Assistance Coordinator /Social Security Assistance

(253) 966-3979/8657
Provides preventive information, education, confidential initial assessment, short term crisis counseling, and referral services to WTs and their Family Members who request services for Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Behavioral Health, Marital, Social Work and Family Advocacy issues.  Coordinates with both on and off post agencies to insure WTs and their Family Members are provided appropriate treatment services.  Provides prevention information and education to WTB and SFAC staff as needed. Provides assistance with Social Security Disability Insurance information and application.

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Traumatic Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (TSGLI)

Our Soldier Family Support Specialists (SFSS) at the SFAC will advise and assist our Warriors and Family members needing to file Traumatic Servicemembers Group Life Insurance claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs for traumatic injuries incurred.  The SFSSs work closely with Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB) Warriors to ensure that their claims are file. 

The SFSSs advisors also will assist Soldiers and Family members at other MTFs across the U.S.   For more information about the SFSS program, TSGLI eligibility or information on how to submit a TSGLI claim, contact SGT Duckett, you can also call the U.S. Army TSGLI Service Center at (800) 237-1336 or email  TSGLI information is also available on the TSGLI Web site.

Veteran's Services:

Washington State Dept. of Veterans Affairs 253-966-4285
American Legion Service Officer 253-966-6202

WDVA assists wounded warriors with their transition to Civilian life.  Their services include: Preparation of VA Claims-expedited VA claims adjudication through ready to rate claims maximizing use of the Benefits, Delivery at Discharge program and other programs, information and coordination of points of contact for Soldiers relocating to the other 49 states, commonwealths and territories, activities for Warriors in Transition and Family members through the Veterans Conservation Corps Self-employment, development opportunities through the Veterans Business Enterprise Development Alliance, Gap funding (child care, training, special equipment, licenses, and permits), Service member and Family readjustment counseling through the WDVA PTSD program.



Ombudsmen are Service Member (SM) - Family Advocates. The mission of the MEDCOM Ombudsman is to serve as independent and unbiased advisors between the SM, the commander at the company, battalion, MAMC, and MEDCOM level, as well as the various medical providers seen by SM in the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB). The Ombudsman investigate issues, concerns, complaints and assist SM and their families in obtaining accurate information to resolve their issues and concerns in a timely manner.

Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2)           

AW2 is the official program of the U.S.  Army that assist the severely injured, ill, and wounded Army Service Members their family/or caregivers (including Reserves and National Guardsmen). The AW2 Advocate assist by providing personalized support for Soldiers and their families/caregivers throughout the Recovery, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration of the Wounded Warrior Lifecycle. Reintegration consists of returning to Active duty /drill or Veteran status.  

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Recreation Coordinator

(253) 966-8644
Recreation services organize and offer a variety of year round seasonal outdoor recreational events and special interest activities for Warriors in Transition and their Families. 

Events are developed with Warriors in Transition involvement and tailored to meet their specific needs to ensure the greatest individual and group participation possible.


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Veterans Administration Links:

VA Benefits
Vocational and Rehabilitation and Employment Services
Compensation and Pension Benefits
Health Benefits and Services
Educational Benefits

dad & son connect

TBI and PTSD issues:

National Center for PTSD
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Health Link:

Daily Health News


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