Exceptional Family Member Program

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What is EFMP?

The Military offers enhanced support to Servicemembers who have special needs Family members through the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP). Those on active duty enroll in the program when they have a Family member with a physical, emotional, developmental, or intellectual disability requiring specialized services so their needs can be considered in the military assignment process. EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that works with other military and civilian agencies to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, and multidisciplinary approach for medical, educational and community support services to Families with special needs. 

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First Steps

AFCS Family Support and Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) EFMP Services
EFMP Enrollments/Disenrollments
Where is EFMP located?


EFMP How do I enroll?
EFMP Systems Navigation (Case Management)
EFMP Enrollment/Disenrollment Process
EFMP Respite Care (Army)
EFMP Respite Care (Air Force)

For assistance with IEPs and 504s please contact an EFMP Systems Navigator at (253) 967-5795 or (253) 967-9097.

Family Kids


Early Intervention Services
Birth to Three Early Intervention Programs
JBLM Child, Youth and School Services
Armed Forces Community Service Programs (AFCS)
Madigan Army Medical Center
McChord Medical Clinic
School Liaison Office(SLO)

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Army Regulations
Air Force Instructions
DoDI 1315.19

Special Needs Accommodation Process

CYSS Parent Central
CYSS Parent Central Registration (253) 966-CYSS (2977)

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Visit Us
AFCS EFMP in Waller Hall (Bldg. 2140) on JBLM Main
AFCS EFMP in AFCS - McChord (Bldg. 552) on McChord Field
Army MTF EFMP in Madigan Army Medical Center – 1st Floor Nursing Tower
Air Force MTF EFMP (SNIAC) – 1st Floor of McChord Medical Clinic on McChord Field
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Call Us

EFMP Manager: (253) 967-9704 or (253) 967-7166

Army EFMP Enrollments/Disenrollments & Overseas Screening: (253) 968-5658, (253) 968-1370, or (253) 968-0254 

Air Force EFMP Enrollments and Family Member Relocation Clearance (FMRC) Screening: (253) 982-3350

Army Respite Care: (253) 967-3451 or (253) 967-9704

Air Force Respite Care: 1-800-424-2246

SNAP: (253) 966-CYSS (2977)

Systems Navigation: For referral call (253) 967-9704

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EFMP Information for Units

Army Personnel:

ALARACT 325-2011

OIP Checklist

How to run an EFMP report via Datastore (eMILPO)

How to run an EFMP report via MEDPROS

Privacy Notice: 

Units are responsible for ensuring their Servicemember's EFMP enrollments are current; the reports do not reveal any personal or medical information, only the EFMP expiration date.

Air Force Personnel:

For questions about Enrollment and Healthcare Service contact the McChord Medical Clinic at (253) 982-3350.
For inquires about Resources and Referrals contact the S&FRC at (253) 982-2695.

Overseas Screening

What is Overseas Screening?  All Family members of Soldiers and Airmen are subject to overseas screening to ensure that each Family member's needs can be met prior to consideration for an overseas assignment.  For additional Overseas Screening information contact: 
Army Personnel:  (253) 968-1370/0254/5658
Air Force Personnel: (253) 982-3350



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Our Services

Exceptional Family Member Program
Medical, educational and community support services to Families with special needs.

EFMP Contacts

AFCS Waller Hall
2140 Liggett Ave. & 12th St.
JBLM Lewis Main 98433
253-967-9704 or 253-967-7166

AFCS - McChord
552 Barnes Blvd.
JBLM McChord Field 98438