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is an Service member-wide program put in place to improve Service Member's quality of life. Through AFFAP, all Service members, including active, Reserve, and National Guard , retirees, surviving spouses, DA civilians and their Family members have a forum to voice concerns to JBLM leadership and make recommendations for change.

How it works:

The local AFFAP process is made up of delegates from all over the installation, including all Service members, Family — active duty, Reserve, DA civilians, Family members and retirees. All their input and experience goes into working the issues and finding resolutions.
Although some issues take time or are proven unattainable, every issue is reviewed, monitored, and tracked until a resolution is found. About 90% of AFFAP issues are retained and worked at a local level, resulting in ongoing community improvements. Issues beyond the scope of Joint Base Lewis-McChord are forwarded to a higher level of authority.

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AFFAP Issues

Have been responsible for hundreds of legislative, regulatory and policy changes involving the Services and geared towards improving the quality of Service Member's life and enhancing readiness and retention. Among the changes benefiting all JBLM services that have come through AFFAP are pay increases, dental benefits, TRICARE reform, life insurance, housing allowances, standardized Army-wide pregnancy program for Soldiers, Military Spouse Unemployment Compensation, services for Wounded Warriors, enhanced educational opportunities, and more.

FY 15 JBLM Prioritized Issues sent to HQDA

Issue: Standardization of Department of Defense (DoD) Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)

Issue: Standardize Comprehensive Transition Service Programs Across DoD

Issue: Termination of the Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) Program

Issue: DoD Wide Family Child Care (FCC) Provider Database

For additional information on listed issues (or issues that were not prioritized), please call 253-967-3689 or e-mail us.

Volunteers Needed:

Facilitator, Recorder, Transcriber, Issue Support (FRTI) Training
Training is offered for Armed Forces Family Action Plan (AFFAP) volunteers to provide information and procedures for the annual Armed Forces Family Action Plan Conference/Forum.   FRTI team roles are important to the flow of the AFFAP conference and training is offered to enhance skills needed to perform tasks and guide delegates through the process, ending in solid recommendations to issues previously submitted for discussion.

View upcoming AFFAP events & volunteer opportunties.

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Make a difference, get involved!

If you are a Service member, retiree, surviving spouse, DA civilian, or Family member — active, Guard or Reserve — you can be part of the AFFAP process.  For more information contact AFFAP at e-mail or call 253-967-3689.

Information & Feedback

To find out more about how you can help, contact AFFAP at usarmy.jblm.imcom.list.dfmwr-armed-forces-action-plan@mail.mil or call 253-967-3689.

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