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Joint Base Lewis-McChord Child & Youth Services programs are designed to foster and develop children's physical, intellectual and socio-emotional capabilities. The goal of the quality child and youth development options is to reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and unit mission requirements. All services are available to Service Members and Family members at JBLM.

Youth Sponsorship

  1. Partnership between youth centers and School Support Services office
  2. Youth can get involved in club at either youth center—McChord Field or Lewis Main
  3. Incoming youth can submit application online here
  4. Current youth e-mail and collaborate with incoming youth to make transition more smooth
  5. Transition video can be viewed at:
  6. PCSing video can be viewed at:
  7. Youth Sponsorship Request Form


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Gateway to CYS

Parent Central Services (Registration)
School Support Services


Child Care Services

On-base child care options
Off-base care options
Hourly Care

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Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Parent participation

Volunteer Child Care in Unit Settings

Parent advisory committees


School Age, Middle School & Teens

On-base Youth Services

Off-base Youth Services

Teen Zone | Moving to JBLM? Check out this video!

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Recreational Activities

SKIESUnlimited Youth Academy
Raindrops & Rainbows Parent/Child Play Center


Helpful Links

Military youth on the move
Service Member and Family Assistance Center
Washington Connection (non-military WA resources)



on any of the CYS activities, fliers and forms please go to the Community Pages

SAT & ACT Prep Materials

Military Families are eligible to receive SAT and ACT test prep programs for just the cost of materials and shipping. Retailing at $200, the PowerPrep Programs include more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3,000 files of test prep materials, sample questions and practice tests and is made possible by eKnowledge. Active duty Service Members, retirees, veterans, DOD employees and their Families are eligible. For more information, visit or call 951-256-4076.
No federal endorsement implied.

Parent Central Services:

253-966-2977 email


CYS Emails


Parent Central Services

Child Development Centers:

Clarkmoor | Clarkmoor Hourly Care | Hillside | Madigan CDC
Beachwood CDC | Yakima CDC |
McChord CDC

closed | Kids On Site

Family Child Care:

Family Child Care | FCC Online

School Age Programs:

Cascade School Age Services & Hourly SAS
McChord School Age Center
Lewis North SAS



Youth Programs:

Hillside Youth Center | North Fort Youth Center
McChord Field Youth Center

Sports Program:

CYS Youth Sports | CYS Sports Special Olympics

Off-Base Child Care Referrals:



School Support Services Office | CYS Services Nurse |
Soldier & Family Assistance Center (CYS Services Liaison) | CYS Services Deployment Specialist
USDA Food Program | SKIESUnlimited

Need childcare?

JBLM Child Youth & School Services offers quality, affordable care at convenient locations and may have openings for your child's age group. Whether you need childcare or before- and/or after-school care, inquire at Parent Central Services for the options available. If you're currently registered with CYS and need care, please take the time to update your status with CYS. Call 253-966-2977 or stop by the Parent Central location nearest you -- 2295 Bitar Ave. at Lewis Main or 578 Lincoln Blvd. at McChord Field. If you're not registered with CYS yet, stop by or call for more information.

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Please note:

If you are a patron of CYS, please make sure your emergency designees are up to date in your Parent Central file. CYS cannot release your child to anyone who is not on your signed designee card (DOD policy). If you need to make updates, you may do so at any CYS location. You may also make the changes in person at Parent Central at Lewis Main or McChord Field. Normally this is done at your annual registration however, we have many Families PCSing so CYS wants to make sure your designee names and numbers are up to date.
Please note: CYS cannot accept faxed or emailed forms due to PII restrictions. Thank you for your patronage of CYS programs and activities.

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Child Care


CYS offers hourly child care for your children with extended hours and food service. For reservations, call
253-966-2977 or visit


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Washington Connections

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